Our Culture


Sweet lift comes from here.


A leader in the Food segment in Guangdong (Canton), China.


Quality begins with delivering our best to the customers we serve. It continues through all that we do. ​ All our work is driven by a passion for Quality. We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards and expect quality of one another. We’re energized to bring our personal best and work together as Associates, innovating and experimenting for fresh ideas and improved outcomes. Through collaboration with suppliers and customers, we aspire to continuously raise the bar. People depend on us, and we depend on them. Lifelong relationships with consumers and clients are hard to earn and easy to lose. We tirelessly seek to understand and satisfy their needs and deliver outstanding experiences of quality, safety and reliability. This is fundamental to our long-term success.


Our resources are precious. Being efficient helps us accomplish more and waste less. ​Efficiency is a collective mindset. We benefit from sharing resources and learning from one another rather than reinventing the wheel each time. We seek to simplify how we’re organized to empower people and accelerate decision making. We seek to continuously improve our quality, processes, technologies and ways of working.


We take responsibility without being asked. ​We support the responsibilities of others.​ When everyone takes ownership for doing the right thing and supports others to do the same, we all benefit. We’re action oriented. We excel through effective communication and efficient collaboration.


Respecting the people and the planet.

Cost Leadership Strategy

A cost leadership strategy hinges on a company's ability to lower costs of production to offer quality products at reasonable prices.