Company Profile

● Suntree Factory was established in 1989. Hera is candy world including surprise egg candy, toy candy, gummy, Vitamin gummy, lollipop, twist hard candy and so on.

● Suntree also develops products such as functional candy, chocolate, biscuit with center, preserved fruits, puffed food, Instant rice and other leisure products for customers.

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Honors and Qualifications

High and New Technology Enterprises

Chinese Quality and Integrity Enterprise

Famous Trademark of China

National Candy Processing Technology R&D Professional Center

Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage of Guangdong Provinc

National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization

Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

UK BRC Global Food Standards Certification

FDA Certification in the United

Food Safety Management System

Customs AEO Advanced

Global Quality Certification

Suntree Production Advantages

Functional gummy

● Solutions for Multiple Health Demands

Soft candy can add over 200 functional ingredients and raw materials, covering multiple directions, provide customized solutions for consumers' health demands.


✔Eye Protection

✔Beauty and Skincare

✔Body Type Management

✔Sleep Aid


✔Oral Health


Nutritional gummy with an annual output of 4000 tons
200+ mature formula solutions

● Nutritional Product

Multiple nutritional product series to meet customer needs, self matching positioning, and adding functional nutrients.

✔Vitamin and Mineral Series

✔Children's Nutrition and Puzzle Series

✔Intestinal Health Series

✔Beauty Slimming Series

✔Oral Health Series

Suntree Technical Advantages

Various innovative soft candy forms to meet customer needs

Various soft candy forms to meet market demand and improve Product differentiation.

Bonbon Candy

Double Layer Soft Candy


Inflatable Gummy

Multiple adhesive based solutions available for selection


√ Using animal derived gel base

√ Taste Q is elastic and more chewy

√ More diverse functional coverage

Plant Gum

√ Plant derived gum base (Pectin, Carrageenan Starch)

√ Carrageenan seaweed plant extraction, high transparency, good elasticity; pectin extracted from fruits

√ Meet the needs of vegetarian consumers and halal individuals

√ Soft taste, full flavor, and more resistant to high temperatures

Multiple specifications and forms to choose from

Heart Shaped


Berry Shaped

Cat Paw Shaped

Double Layer Soft Candy

Leaf Shaped

Star Shaped

Bear Shaped

Five-pointed Star

Drop Shaped

Coke Cottle Shaped

Whale Shaped

Small Fish Shaped

Owl Shaped

Caterpillar Shaped